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The newly formed Friends of Oak Lake (FOOL) is a proud member of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA). This is the preeminent, province-wide umbrella group of Ontario waterfront property owners, representing 50,000 members in more than 500 lake and road associations. 

Friends of Oak Lake is also a proud member of the Lake Partner Program. We can take email transfer (see instructions below) or cash or cheque in person to any member of the executive.  

Cost of membership is $25 per household.


Why Get a Membership?
  • So you speak to and address issues as a collective. Membership gives you a vote.

  • Waterfront property owners in a lake association attain up to 30% higher property values.

  • Members have access to information and literature related to Oak Lake.

  • Information on rural property issues (septics, taxation, land use planning, mining, energy and utilities).

  • Coleman Canada 40% discount on online orders.

  • Canadian Canoe Museum 1 Year Membership.

FOCA Membership Benefits

For a list of benefits to being a FOCA member, click here.

How Do I Email Transfer the Funds?

1. Log in to your financial institution’s online or mobile banking and navigate to
Interac e-Transfer - Send Money.

2. Select the account you wish to transfer funds from.

3. Under ‘Select a Recipient’ Choose ‘Add New’ and then add the contact name
‘Friends of Oak Lake Association’.


4. The email recipient for your transfer is, our Association Treasurer.

Please use the question.... What's FOOL's favourite bird? Answer= Loon

5. Please indicate the yearly fee of $25.00 which includes $4 for FOCA and
$21 for our Friends Of Oak Lake Association.

6. Once the yearly fee has been received, you will be eligible to participate fully in the
Friends of Oak Lake Association (FOOL), including the ability to vote during any
decision processes, and also be a member of FOCA with all of its privileges. 7. If you
are having any difficulties, please email us at and we
will try to assist you as soon as possible.

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