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Updates from Council

For residents wondering about the construction work occurring along the east side of HWY 14, here’s an explanation from Chris Angelo, Director of Public Works for Quinte West. Chris explains:

The contractor will be directional drilling a 300 mm fused pipe on the east side of the highway that will intercept the flow from the manure tile drain and the surface water that runs through the old cattle crossing and direct this “water” northerly to the wetland area on the east side of the highway. This will outlet to a constructed “sump” which will allow any sediments or impurities to settle out and then allow the flow to go to the wetland area that drains easterly through the Detlor farm to the Barr farm and then easterly to the ponds adjacent to Gallivan road. They are also upgrading the size of the culvert on the Detlor’s lands as mentioned at the public meeting.

At both Quinte West Public Works Meeting, held Tuesday September 10 2019, and regular Quinte West City Council meeting, held September 16 2019, an unanimous show of support by the Mayor and Quinte West Council occurred. This of course is for the rerouting of an existing subsurface tile drain that leads directly into Oak Lake. In addition, three culverts on properties north of Highway 14 will be remediated to ensure the successful drainage of farm runoff away from the lake. Official voting occurs on Monday October 14 2019 at regular Quinte West Counciul. Work will begin immediately thereafter. 

Oak Lake Official Plan. To view the Oak Lake Official Plan Extract from Quinte West Council, please click here.


To view Quinte West Councils Website with updated information regarding Oak Lake, future meetings and other information, please click here

Who Can I Reach Out to Locally?

Jim Harrison - Mayor, Quinte West -

Todd Smith - MPP, Bay of Quinte -

Chris Angelo - Public Works, Quinte West -

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