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Progress being made on addressing Oak Lake environmental concerns

.Quinte West Public Works and environmental staff have heard and acted on feedback from the public regarding environmental concerns in the Oak Lake area.

Now, they're encouraging residents to do their part in improving water quality and lake management before next year and into the future.

The results of a questionnaire, a year-long water quality study and last month's public information centre were revealed by Director of Public Works Chris Angelo at a meeting of the Public Works and Environment Services Committee on Tuesday.

Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. was hired by the city in 2018 to complete a 4-season Water Quality Assessment of Oak Lake with input from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, the Health Unit and Lower Trent Conservation.

HESL staff collected water quality samples over several to capture seasonal variability and high flows when samples could be collected from the inflowing tile drain.

One of the prime concerns that residents noted in their feedback to Angelo and staff, was the re-routing of the tial drainage, which amounted to around 33-percent of phospherous flowing into the lake.

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