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Oak Lake is now a registered member of Ontario's Lake Partner Program.

The Ontario Lake Partner Program (LPP) provides total phosphorus concentrations and water transparency (using a Secchi disc) data for Ontario’s inland lakes. The data is collected through volunteer monitoring efforts.

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Secchi depth report:

Total phosphorus report:

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Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. (HESL) is pleased to have been selected by the City of Quinte West to perform a water quality assessment on Oak Lake. The purpose of the project is to analyze existing data and complete a water quality sampling program to inform the development of a lake management plan and prevent further degradation of water quality of Oak Lake. Findings will be documented in a detailed technical report to the City

Oak Lake Water Quality Assessment Survey:

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Updated: Dec 18, 2018

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is reportedly still investigating and monitoring a large manure spill where a farmer was charged with permitting the discharge of material into Oak Lake in Quinte West.

However, the Ministry has yet to return phone calls or emails regarding the investigation.

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