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News from the Quinte Area


.Quinte West Public Works and environmental staff have heard and acted on feedback from the public regarding environmental concerns in the Oak Lake area.

Now, they're encouraging residents to do their part in improving water quality and lake management before next year and into the future.

The results of a questionnaire, a year-long water quality study and last month's public information centre were revealed by Director of Public Works Chris Angelo at a meeting of the Public Works and Environment Services Committee on Tuesday.

Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. was hired by the city in 2018 to complete a 4-season Water Quality Assessment of Oak Lake with input from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, the Health Unit and Lower Trent Conservation.

HESL staff collected water quality samples over several to capture seasonal variability and high flows when samples could be collected from the inflowing tile drain.

One of the prime concerns that residents noted in their feedback to Angelo and staff, was the re-routing of the tial drainage, which amounted to around 33-percent of phospherous flowing into the lake.

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On Saturday July 20, about 30 residents of Oak Lake participated in the neighbourhood’s first-ever trash bash – an event organized by the newly formed Friends of Oak Lake association.

“We probably had about 30 people taking part,” said John Brewster, secretary-treasurer of the Friends of Oak Lake group, “and while we managed to pick up a lot of garbage, the whole idea of the trash bash was more of a meet and greet – you know… get to know your neighbours.”

The Friends of Oak Lake association was formed in late 2018 in order to provide a single focus toward the preservation of the environmental health and integrity of Oak Lake, which has had severe strains to its health over the past few decades. Currently, Hutchinson Environmental Services is performing a four-season study of the lake with a focus on the development and implementation of a Lake Management Plan with the assistance of the City of Quinte West and The Lower Trent Conservation Authority.

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Residents living in the Oak Lake area around Quinte West will receive an update on the progress of a water quality study for the area next week.

The city of Quinte West began the study last year after residents voiced their concerns regarding poor quality of water and drainage, inefficient outflows through clogged culverts, subsequent flooding issues and low oxygen levels on the lake.

Director of Public Works Chris Angelo said that this is an important meeting for residents of Oak Lake to attend in order to hear the results of the year-long study of water quality and quality assessments gathered by consultants from Hutchinson Environmental Services Ltd.

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